You can use any of the solenoid valves which have the WRAS (WRc) approval for potable water (Drinking water). Danfoss has a vast range of WRAS approved solenoid valves from 1/8" up to 2" in size. The WRAS approved valves can be found within the normal Danfoss solenoid valve product pages.

Danfoss WRAS valves

Both normally closed and normally open Danfoss WRAS approved solenoid valves are suitable for use on potable water systems.

All valves with the WRAS certificate use EPDM seals which is the ideal choice to seal for use with water and a temperature range from -30° C to 140°C. Danfoss solenoid valves with WRAS approval comprise EV210B DN 1.5 to 6, brass & SS EV210A DN 1.2 to 3.5, brass & SS EV220A DN 6 to 22 EV220B DN 6 to 12, brass & DZR brass EV220B 15 to 50 brass, DZR & SS EV250B DN 12 to 22, EV310A screwed and sub base versions, brass & Stainless steel.

Danfoss WRAS water solenoid valves feature:   

• The best water hammer damped valve 
• Very long lifetime due to the special construction
• Insensitive to dirt with self-cleaning filter
• Wide range of different body and sealing materials
• Suitable for the innovative clip-on coil system
• Wide coil range up to IP67 Waterproof

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