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Danfoss EV220X

Danfoss Externally Operated Relief Valves - 032U7190, 032U7191, 032U7192 
Danfoss EV220X (EVSI)spec. valves were origionally designed for the fire sprinkler system manufacturers as water operated relief valve.



Danfoss EV220X (EVSI) Externally operated valves
Code number Type Previous code Press. range, max. Press. unit Specification key
032U7190 EV220XX EVSI 15 16 bar EV220X 15B G 1/2E UN000
032U7191 EV220X EVSI 20 16 bar EV220X 20B G 3/4E UN000
032U7192 EV220X EVSI 25 16 bar EV220X 25B G 1E UN000



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