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Danfoss Nessie VDHT Valves

The VDHT solenoid valve program consists of both single valves and manifold block solutions with multiple valves.
The Danfoss Nessie VDHT valves are designed to operate with:

• Fluids at high pressures, up to 210 bar/3000 psi
• Fluids at high temperatures, up to 90°C/194°F
• Flows from 0 to 150 litres per minute
• The Danfoss VDHT valve design is well-proven and dirt resistant
• The valves are made of corrosion resistant materials such as AISI 304 and AISI 316
• Easy-to-service


VDHT valve applications

The VDHT valves and manifold block solutions are used with great success in a number of applications. The customers range from the biggest abattoir in Northern Europe using Danfoss products as high-pressure cleaning systems to OEMs selling small dust binding systems for pigsties. Each and every customer explores the unique features making the VDHT just the right choice for their specific application. During the years, Danfoss has almost perfected the art of customizing a solution to the specific application, and with the choice between single valves and manifold block solutions the possibilities are endless.

Examples of applications using a VDHT solution today
• Stationary high-pressure cleaning (i.e. within the food industry)
• High-pressure water mist fire fighting systems
• Automatic cool-down of heating coil on stationary high-pressure washers
• Section cleaning of process equipment (cleaning one zone at a time with the same pump)
• Vehicle mounted high-pressure cleaning
• Humidification systems
• Wood industry
• Dust binding in farming industry
• High-pressure part washing machines
• Pressure testing (test rigs)
• Street flusher/street cleaner with integrated high-pressure cleaning
• Container/silo cleaning
• Cooling and lubrication systems for CNC machines
• Automatic car/bus/truck/train wash systems
• Self-serve car wash systems
• High-pressure CO2 systems


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