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Danfoss are a leading manufacturer of valves and fluid handling components for HVAC and industrial applications. Based in Denmark. Danfoss is your one-stop partner for industrial control components and systems. Through Danfoss Industrial Automation, you gain access to the entire Danfoss pool of technology, with a special focus on monitoring or control of pressure and temperature, and fluid control.



 Solenoid Valve and Industrial Controls:

The valve range includes externally operated valves, thermostatically operated valves, solenoid valves and coils.
Externally operated valves AV210, HP220, HP230N and EV220X (EVSI)spec. are designed for more specialised applications, such as: Media with high dirt content or fire sprinkler systems.
Thermostatic Valves AVTA, AVTB, BVTS and WVTS are a simple and reliable control solution requiring neither electricity nor control air. An example of application is automatic control of water temperature in cooling systems.
Solenoid valves are available in direct-operated, servo-operated, assisted lift and 2 or 3 way versions. Danfoss has a complete range of valves and a wide choice of AC and DC coils ensure that you will always find the right valve type for any given application. For example, whilst a direct-operated version is available for low capacity applications and pipe sizes of 3/8” or smaller, the use of servo-operated valves is necessary with larger flows and pipe sizes.
The Compact solenoid valve range  EV210A, EV220A and EV310A offers a wide range of features giving advantages over other makes of valve. The valve bodies combined with Danfoss coils give optimum performance for their size.
The High Performance solenoid valve range EV210B, EV215B, EV220B, EV222B, EV224B, EV225B, EV250B, EV260B and EV310B (EVI , EVSI) direct operated or servo operated are used for a large number of industrial applications where a simple and reliable solution is a must. 
The range of Industrial Vacuum valve models  VV  includes manually, pneumatically and electromagnetically operated valves for all industrial processes.
The coil program AB, AC, AK, AM, BA, BB, BE, BG, BL, BM, BM and BR consists of both the easy-to-handle Clip-On coil system and traditional coils with threaded fastener. With the clip-on coil, Danfoss offers an innovative product concept and feature to help save time and efficiency during installation. The system ensures safe and easy mounting and removal of the coil from the valve body without using special tools just a screwdriver.  It is also beneficial to the environment as the coils are not impregnated, sealing is optimised and the service life of the coils is extended. 
Also, with approvals such as EEx / ATEX and UL, they offer a wide range of application specific coils for e.g. steam or hazardous areas.

Danfoss solenoid valve types:
For the sake of clarity we have divided the valves into three main groups. These represent the design and functional characteristics common to most Danfoss solenoid valves:

Main groups:
• Danfoss Direct-operated valves
• Danfoss Servo-operated valves
• Danfoss Assisted lift servo-operated valves


Direct-operated valves ( EV210B and EV310B ) can be opened and closed independently of the differential pressure (within the permissible differential pressure range).

A servo-operated valve (EV220B, EV222B AND EV225B ) uses the differential pressure to create the force necessary to open the valve and keep it open. It can therefore only be opened when a certain differential pressure exists. The speed at which the valve closes is dependent on the differential pressure.

Assisted lift servo-operated valves ( EV250B ) are designed for heating systems and other closed-circuits with low, undefined pressures. These valves are able to operate without differential pressure.

Danfoss solenoid valves are available as separate coils and valves which can be combined freely within the individual product families. This provides greater flexibility and a reduced storage requirement at the same time. No tools are required to assemble coils and valves, and a coil can be replaced without stopping or emptying the system. Solenoid valves are available as assembled units if required.

Danfoss 2-Way solenoid valves have one inlet and one outlet, and are used to permit and shut off fluid flow. The two types of operations are Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO). Two types of constructions apply to 2-way solenoid valves, which are direct acting and pilot operated.


With Direct acting constructions, the solenoid is energised, the core directly opens the orifice of a Normally Closed valve or closes the orifice in a Normally Open Valve. The valve will operate at pressures from 0 psi to its rated maximum.

Pilot Operated constructions use line pressure to assist operation. When the coil is de-energised (on a Normally Closed Valve), the pilot orifice is closed and line pressure is applied to the top of the piston or diaphragm through the bleed orifice, closing the valve.

Danfoss' line of 2-way solenoid valves include General Service, Hot Water/ Steam, Potable Water and Food Service, Vacuum, Cryogenic and Liquid C02, Air Operated, Proportional, Intrinsically Safe, Low Power, Isolation / Shielded Core, Long Life / Quiet, Ammonia, Dry Air, Magnetic Latching and Medical / Analytical.

Danfoss 3/2 solenoid valves or 3 way solenoid valves have three port’s and two orifices, when one orifice is open the other orifice is closed. Three way solenoid valves can be Normally Open (NO), which means when the valve is in its “rest state” i.e. when no power is applied, the valve position is open, and Normally Closed (NC) which means in the “rest state” the valve position is closed. 3/2 way solenoid valves are available in a Universal (U) function, which means depending on the application the solenoid valves can be fitted into a pipeline in either the NO position or the NC position.


3/2 solenoid valves are used to exhaust or divert process media, with the most common use being to exhaust or divert Air. A 3/2 way solenoid valve can be connected to select one or two ports, or to divert flow from one port to another. Danfoss' 3 way solenoid valves utilise a Direct Operated construction.

Danfoss' range of 3/2 solenoid valves are available in either Brass, Stainless steel. Danfoss solenoid valves are available in a wide range of sizes and pressures and voltages, with special materials and voltages available on request.

Danfoss steam solenoid valves with teflon diaphragm (EV225B) or brass piston with PTFE disc (EV245B), servo-operated 2/2-way steam valve. The valve body in dezincification resistant brass and EV225B valve seats made in stainless steel ensures a long life even in connection with aggressive steam media.

Applications include:-
• Heating up of water for Laundry Washers and dishwashers
• Steam injection on industrial Flat Ironers
• Steam injection on Dryers
• Injection of steam into Autoclaves and Sterilizers
• Steam handling and distribution in boiler room installations
• High reliable function even in connection with contaminated steam

The VDHT solenoid valve program consists of both single valves and manifold block solutions with multiple valves.
The Danfoss Nessie VDHT valves are designed to operate with:

• Fluids at high pressures, up to 210 bar/3000 psi
• Fluids at high temperatures, up to 90°C/194°F
• Flows from 0 to 150 litres per minute
• The Danfoss VDHT valve design is well-proven and dirt resistant
• The valves are made of corrosion resistant materials such as AISI 304 and AISI 316
• Easy-to-service


VDHT valve applications

The VDHT valves and manifold block solutions are used with great success in a number of applications. The customers range from the biggest abattoir in Northern Europe using Danfoss products as high-pressure cleaning systems to OEMs selling small dust binding systems for pigsties. Each and every customer explores the unique features making the VDHT just the right choice for their specific application. During the years, Danfoss has almost perfected the art of customizing a solution to the specific application, and with the choice between single valves and manifold block solutions the possibilities are endless.

Examples of applications using a VDHT solution today
• Stationary high-pressure cleaning (i.e. within the food industry)
• High-pressure water mist fire fighting systems
• Automatic cool-down of heating coil on stationary high-pressure washers
• Section cleaning of process equipment (cleaning one zone at a time with the same pump)
• Vehicle mounted high-pressure cleaning
• Humidification systems
• Wood industry
• Dust binding in farming industry
• High-pressure part washing machines
• Pressure testing (test rigs)
• Street flusher/street cleaner with integrated high-pressure cleaning
• Container/silo cleaning
• Cooling and lubrication systems for CNC machines
• Automatic car/bus/truck/train wash systems
• Self-serve car wash systems
• High-pressure CO2 systems


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